PUBG’s new high

Just 16 days after passing 1 . 5 million concurrent players, PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS Items PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds extended its record to over 2 million earlier today.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene tweeted out an image this morning, confirming that PUBG’s new high, for now, sits at 2, 008, 048 players. The previous record before PUBG came on the scene was Dota 2’s player count of just under 1 . 3 million in March 2016.

Despite a ton of recent server issues and a bombardment of negative reviews from angry Steam users, PUBG has retained its immense popularity across the world. It should come as no surprise, as the game surpassed 10 million sales just last month, and it’s still selling.

But PUBG is especially popular within Asia, where about half of its recent playerbase remains, according to SteamSpy. At the end of September, a total of 49 percent of the game’s players came from China and Korea, with just 10 percent from the U. S.

PUBG now faces some competition in the battle royale genre thanks to Fortnite: Battle Royale, Buy pubg skins but players are still finding their way to Erangel to earn chicken dinners, as these numbers would suggest.

A unsatisfactory delay

A few games tend to take off right at launch and then endure the gradual dwindling of their player base with time. Cheap H1Z1 Items Other games like CS: GO start slow after which, over time, grow into unstoppable forces of impact, attracting millions of players. H1Z1: King of the Eliminate is one of those latter games, and in the past 6 months the folks at Daybreak have seen a mind-bending 1000% increase in its playerbase.

This came after a unsatisfactory delay that set the game on an entirely brand new course. A year ago H1Z1: King of the Kill experienced a strong start but , like so many games, noticed its player-base drop by almost 50% within the initial six months. Daybreak decided to keep the game at the begining of access and hammer it with comprehensive up-dates.

One of those updates included Twitch integration, and that’s whenever things turned around. Cheap H1z1 skins The popularity of King of the Destroy with various influential streamers put the game in a vibrant spotlight – the kind of exposure that no advertising budget, however bulky, can buy.

GGG want to change

Part of the issue here is that the maps nerfed were the ones that were extremely popular. This was done to lower experience efficiency in some maps, as well as provide a bit of map diversity. Basically, for the past few leagues people had been running Shaped Strand 24/7, and GGG wanted to change that. Path Of Exile items So they nerfed the density on popular maps.

This leads to two issues. First, there’s confirmation bias. People believe that all density was nerfed, they run their favorite maps – ones previously filled with monsters – and find that the density is much lower. It may not be indicative of the truth regarding density, but it sure feels like it is. This leads the the community to blow the issues out of proportion, as they continue to run the same nerfed maps, upset that they are nerfed.

The other issue is far more serious. People’s favorite maps before the change weren’t necessarily their favorites because of density. Strand, for example , isn’t actually that large, and you won’t get great returns on it for the most part. The reason people ran it, and Atoll, and Primordial Pool, is that the layouts are nice. Running them just felt good. No one wants to run Cells or Orchard, their layouts are incredibly difficult to manage. By lowering the density, they made the good maps feel bad, and the bad maps feel necessary. At its core, Path of Exile is a farming game. A lot of people, including myself, enjoy playing it while doing other things, like watching television. Maps like Strand lend themselves to the leisurely, relaxed playstyle. It’s nice to run in a straight line and have the mobs come to you when you’re mindlessly farming. poe Chaos Orb Taking that away isn’t optimal, even if it came from a place of good intentions.

Dark Pact removes 6% of your max health

We’ve saved the best Dark Pact build for last. The self cast variant of Dark Pact is undeniably the strongest. No matter what situation you’re in, this build is, without question, the most effective way to use Dark Pact. buy poe items It’s slightly weak during leveling where Dark Pact hurts you more than you are leeching, but it’s significantly more dangerous than the other builds. That being said, the damage is multiple times higher than either of the others.

Self casting Dark Pact removes 6% of your max health every single cast. It also casts incredibly quickly. Currently, my level 80 character casts 5. 8 times a second while buffed, and that’s without any direct casting gear, which means you’ll be able to get yourself down to one health in about three seconds. Without massive amounts of leech, that’s gonna kill you dead. Fast. And this is why the Berserker class is so strong. They get an inherent 1% leech, as well as 100% leech every time they take a savage hit (15% of their health). buy poe Chaos Orb This makes you essentially immortal. Other classes can do this-Warlord’s Mark and Atziri’s Promise have a similar effect-but Berserker is definitely the easiest route.

Your opponents head

One of the biggest issues in H1Z1: King of the Kill is sometimes feeling like your bullets aren’t going to the place they need to go. H1z1 skins

Your opponents head.

Sometimes you’d be able to laser beam your shots into somebody but oftentimes you were left feeling like you should have picked up that two-tap. The latest fix should rid the game of that problem for the most part.

“This update includes the release of improved and optimized hit registration code. This was a multi-step process that started with a large server revamp to improve server performance and distribution. Then, we rolled out region locking to get a more consistent experience and allow us to focus on specific tuning. The final step was to improve the actual hit registration code. Overall consistency will be much better once this rolls out. ”

Desync has also been a popular issue among H1Z1 fans. “If you are familiar with some of the network analysis videos that were done, there was a topic referred to as “lag compensation” analyzed in a variety of game titles. We have greatly optimized this now, Buy H1Z1 Items which means more consistency in terms of player movement and less positional desyncs. “

FIFA Mobile Season 2 update

While some of us are still waiting for FIFA Mobile’s Season 2 update to come to the Google Play store, buy fifa 18 coins the revised game’s first Team of the Week is here — with a twist.

TOTW (as well as the old event favorite, Player of the Month), are both back in S2, but now as Events.

“Every week, Players will be chosen to be part of the Team of the Week! ” a message in game reads. “1 Captain, 11 Starters and 11 Reserves will be part of the TOTW. Find all the captains to unlock the Player of the Month! ” it adds.

Each week, there’s a training exercise (similar to a Live Event from S1). For a set amount of stamina (two for Week 1), you grind towards 100 TOTW Points. Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins Every two stamina in this instance will get you 5-15 TOTW points closer, plus throw in 500 coins and a chance at a Silver TOTW player and a very, very slight chance at that week’s captain.

FIFA 18 contains plenty of odd moment


One of the underlying issues FIFA 18 faces – indeed the series as a whole – is a lack of transparency over how exactly the game works. Fifa 18 Player Auction coins This leads to complaints about everything from the direction the ball moves when you pass it, to theories that revolve around apparent scripting. In short, some players reckon FIFA 18 cheats them. I’ve seen some pretty crazy conspiracy theories that accuse EA of dipping into matches to distract defenders during injury time, associated with blowing the ball off course as it rolls along the goal line, or – and I’m not joking here – even tampering with player stats.

Such theories are easy to dismiss at first as an overreaction to a moment during a match that goes against you. And representatives regarding EA Sports have always said FIFA does not include scripting. That ridiculous rebound that lets your opponent score a dramatic, last-minute winner? That’s just football, EA says. That time your defender passed the actual ball straight to an opposition striker when you’re sure you pointed the particular thumb stick in the opposite direction? That’s football. Remember when Steven Gerrard slipped and Liverpool lost typically the league? That’s football.

It’s true that FIFA 18 contains plenty of odd moments that really do make you think. fifa 18 coins The FIFA subreddit and EA’s own forum are littered

Halloween is celebrated with the Ultimate Scream Event

On FIFA 18, Halloween is celebrated with the Ultimate Scream Event. cheap fut 18 coins There are new Ultimate Scream-Cards in the Ultimate Team. Here you can find all information about the Scream Team.

Ultimate Scream! This is the annual Halloween event EA Sports is running in FUT mode. At the same time, it is the first major event to be played in FUT 18 on the players. What you are looking for, you can see here.

The “Scream Team” consists of 23 players. It is a selection of kickers, who recently showed strong performances on the pitch and are now rewarded with upgraded special cards.


– These Halloween cards are now available in the packs until October 29th, replacing the standard cards of the respective players.

– If you already have standard cards of these players in your team, nothing happens with them. So if you want a Halloween card, you have to pull it out of the packs or buy it on the transfer market.

– The Halloween cards have only small boosts compared to the standard cards. However , there are exceptions: between the 29. 10. and the 1 . 11. these player credit cards become “monsters” – that is, they are greatly enhanced. After the 1 . 11. they return to normal Halloween party cards with low boosts. – During the season at “creepy times” writes EA Sports, they are to be re-evaluated from time to time.

Halloween event – with special packs, SBCs, offers

While Ultimate Scream, EA Sports will be offering several set-ups online, SBCs and special items such as Halloween jerseys. Also gifts on the web app are conceivable.


– Directly to the start of the event are promo packs live. A premium Electrum player set for 12, 500 coins and a premium gold player set for 25, 000 coins. These are available for 4 or 2 days.

– These are the shorts that are available at the event:

– As the SBC, the Dracula Elf is live, through which you can get a premium gold player set. It is active for 2 days.

How does Ultimate Scream affect the transfer market?

Forecasts on the transfer market in FUT 18 should always be taken with caution as the market is subject to fluctuations and depends on several factors.

It is expected that many sets will be opened during the Halloween event, as the fans want the Scream cards. This means that more cards than usual will land on the transfer market. Fifa 18 Player Auction coins As a result, the prices of individual FUT cards will decrease. During the event you should keep your eyes open for bargains.

Preemptive Experience

Preemptive Experience – Week 31st-Update Description Pubg items

Game Sex

• As the blue circle refreshes, sustained damage increases

BUG fixes

• Fixed a bug that penetrates armor

We received a lot of feedback on improving the blue circle mechanism. We finally decided to adjust the blue-loop damage mechanism to encourage more players to enter the safe area. The change in this update is that players need to focus more on fighting in the immediate security zone than in the late game to guard against enemies running in from outside the security zone. We are happy to listen to the players who have experienced the changes in the test clothing.

We clearly understand that there are many things to do before the official release, and sincerely thank you for your unfailing support for the game. Pubg skins We are not complacent, we will continue to strive to improve the gaming experience of gamers.

Launched The Fall of Oriath

Any plain points purchases you made since we launched The Fall of Oriath can be counted towards an upgrade to the Harbinger Supporter Packs. buy poe items Please note that you can only credit up to 80% of the value of the desired supporter pack towards an upgrade.

For example , you can credit a maximum of $24 dollars worth of points towards the $30 Portent Supporter Pack. To upgrade you would only need to pay the remaining $6 of the pack. In this case, you would receive the Portent Supporter Pack minus any of the points that you used in the upgrade.

Similarly, you can credit a maximum of $48 of plain factors purchases towards the Harbinger Supporter Pack and update for the remaining $12. Once again, you would receive all of the contents of the Harbinger Supporter Pack, minus any points that you credited in the upgrade.


Thank you so much for your generous support. poe Chaos Orb  launched The Fall of OriathYou guys make the continued growth of Path of Exile possible.