It’s best to take control over key area

Last time we had a look at some cool tricks as CT on Overpass. Cheap CSGO Skins Now it’s time to indulge in the fine art of attacking the very same map.

My philosophy is that it’s best to take control over key areas on the map before deciding where to attack. That gives you many more options as well as the freedom to back off again should anything go awry. In my CT guide I identified connector, lower tunnels and outside restroom as the key areas you want to control. This holds true when you’re on the T-side as well. If you have connector you can change your mind and attack the other bomb site in a matter of seconds. But that s for later. The important part is how to actually execute the attack.

A spot a person almost always want to smoke off is sniper s nest. I always feel like a fool when I get killed from there because the solution to the problem is rather simple.

Note that this smoke is a really neat trick to use in one-on-one situations. Think about it: When the counter-terrorist finds himself alone it makes sense to go sniper s nest because it’s close to both A and B. A very common reaction to getting smoked off in snipers nest is to go around down towards jungle. I’ve won more than one round by using this smoke and then run up through connector and plant the bomb on an empty bomb site on A.

You know that counter-terrorist who’s on fire behind barrels? Buy CSGO Skins The guy who constantly stops you from getting through the pipe in canals? It’s time to torch him, literally:

Even if you don’t go catwalk after the smoke

The most obvious problem when you want to take control over catwalk is the player in mid. Buy Cheap CSGO Skins You need to do something to deny them their much needed target practice. I like to put up a smoke screen on top of xbox. Even if you don’t go catwalk after the smoke, the other team will still have to keep an eye open. The mid player will tell their team that there could be terrorists there.

If you decide to attack catwalk you should always ask a teammate to throw a flashbang for you. From lower tunnels is one way to do it.

When you attack from short A you want to give the defending players as many angles as possible to worry about. The best way in my mind is to have one player drop down to CT spawn. In order to do that you have to use another smoke. Note that the guys on long don’t need to waste a smoke to cross over to site if you use this smoke instead:

A round where your opponents haven’t bought weapons and you try to secure the round with as few casualties as possible.

As you gradually get better at CS: GO it’s common to overcomplicate things. When it comes to anti-eco rounds on Dust2 I’ve tried all sorts of things over the years with various level of success. Then I heard analyst Janko ‘yNK’ Paunovic talk about the subject and he suggested (I’m paraphrasing) that you should all just go long and deny the CTs those close-range duels where their CZ75s can turn into a real problem. I totally agree. There’s no reason to make it more difficult than it has to be.

‘Eco round’ is short for ‘economic round’. That’s a round where you buy little to no items. The purpose is to save money so that you can afford the big toys later.

Same thing here: don’t overcomplicate things. When you go for an eco round, you want to plant the bomb and get that mad cash. I like to invest in a smoke grenade and a couple of flashes and go for the B-split I mentioned earlier, except I wouldn’t have a player over on long. You need all your firepower to take the site. Where to buy csgo skins Getting pushed by tec-9s from three angles at the same time is a scary thing. Don’t hesitate, just go for it.

The lurker is also in a great position to kill the CT

Release your inner Ethan Hunt and bring out your sneakiest plays: it s time to talk about the lurker. Compared to the roles I ve covered so far (support and entry fragger), Buy All CSGO Skins lurker is the most distinctive in terms of what you re supposed to do and how to get it to work within a team. It would be easy to say that the lurker is the player who sneaks around the map on their own trying to backstab people. In a sense that s true, but there s so much more to it.

The lurker is supposed to wander off by themselves and either secure kills or stall the opposing team s defenders rotation over to the site where the main attack is taking place. They should also scout ahead to let the in-game leader know whether it s a good idea to go for the intended execution or not. Let s say they re in apartments on Inferno (a moment of silence for our beloved and figured-out map) and they can hear that there s a CT on short as well as one in pit after you ve taken control over banana. In this instance, they know that the rotation is going to take a while and that it s probably wise to try to take the B-site. The lurker is also in a great position to kill the CT in pit once that guy realizes that the terrorists are swarming B.

Alternatively, the lurker could go down to boiler room and try to kill the player on short in order to stay closer to B so that they can assist his team during the post-plant situation. There s a lot of decision-making involved when you lurk: decisions that can either make or break a round. Let s say the lurker decides to go for the kill in pit but the CT manages to get out safely. Then our lurker is in a bad situation and can t be of much help for their team. buy csgoskins On the other hand, they might secure the kill and put some pressure on defenders in CT spawn, making it a lot more difficult to retake the site.

Not limited to what you ve seen and heard this round

Making good mid-round calls can win you games. Listen to what your teammates say and try to keep track of all the information you have to give yourself a better chance of making good decisions. If you re new this can be tricky because it s a balance. Cheap CSGO Skins You don t want your individual game to suffer too much, but at the same time your team needs someone to make the calls.

Let s say you re in a two-versus-two situation on Cache and you play the terrorist side. Both of your players are in mid and you know for a fact that there s a guy on A, because your other teammate just died in A-main. What h the right call? Obviously it depends on what weapons you have, how much time you have left and if your opponents have an AWP or not. But just for the sake of making this example, we ll ignore all of that. The right call in this situation is to quickly go through the vent over to B. You know there s an enemy on A and there s a possibility that there s an enemy on B. That other enemy might as well be in Z-connector or over at A with his friend. If you have to choose between going onto a site where you know there s an enemy and a site where there might be an enemy you should almost always go for the latter.

The information that you have is not limited to what you ve seen and heard this round. You might for example know that the other team managed to save an AWP. Buy Cheap CSGO Skins Depending on what your plan is you may want to either try to find him or stay away from him. Either way, if you can t see him in mid and he doesn t appear to be peeking on A, chances are he s on B.

Steam is already advising users attempting

Defending himself against the allegations, Martin continues, CSGO Skins “The problem with [owning CSGO Lotto] would be if I didn’t divulge that information, and I do: you can look in the descriptions of every single one of my CSGO Lotto videos… ”

However , a search of Google’s archives for ‘HOW TO WIN $13, 000’ using Wayback Machinereveals that the sentence, “Video made possible by CSGOLotto, ” was added after the video was uploaded. Others still lack the (fairly flaky) disclosure.

Speaking to YouTuber Scarce via Twitter, Martin has also said, “I do own the site now, I didn’t back then. At that point it was a feeler video to see if my viewers would enjoy that type of content and whether or not I should invest in the business. ”

This also appears to be false: Martin’s name can be found on CSGO Lotto’s articles of incorporation as the incorporator.

The evidence appears damning and, given that both the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority and the US Federal Trade Commission have previously slammed creators for failing to disclose product placements, the issue could escalate beyond the actual confines of YouTube.

Steam is already advising users attempting to access CSGO Lotto that “The URL you are attempting to log in to has been blocked by our moderators and staff. Cheap CSGO Skins This site may be engaged in phishing, scamming, spamming, or delivering malware. “

The video begins with Martin kissing his dog

Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin, one of the YouTubers who was recently revealed as the owner of CSGO Lotto, the skin gambling website he’d been promoting on his channel without disclosing his interest in it has issued an apology video in which he states that he’s sorry if he didn’t make his relationship to the site clear enough for everyone. Buy CSGO Skins

The video begins with Martin kissing his dog in the foyer of his seemingly-very-expensive mansion, with a big truck strategically framed in the double doors behind him. He professes his love and appreciation for his viewers, whose support enables him to chase his dreams and follow his passions, before moving on to explain that, if you didn’t know he was the owner of CSGO Lotto, and thus profiting from its success, well, that’s your own fault.

My connection to CSGO Lotto has been a matter of public record since the company was first organized in December of 2015, he says, seemingly reading from a prepared message. However , I do feel like I owe you guys an apology. I am sorry to each and every one of you who felt like that was not made clear enough to you. I truly, honestly hope that you guys give me an opportunity to earn your trust back.

But attorney Ryan Morrison, one of the three attorneys who took part in a recent Reddit AMA on the matter, said that’s not nearly good enough. He means someone could ve searched for that public document, which is utter stupidity, Morrison told us today over Skype. Even if he wrote it in the text underneath his video as he s gone back and done, that s still not sufficient disclosure. He couldn t be further away in terms of compliance.

Martin vowed to ensure that his YouTube channel and all other business are in compliance with the law, and made a point of stating that he does not condone minors using the CSGO Lotto site. This is and always has been a clearly stated policy available both in the terms of service as well as the initial signup page on the website, he states. Furthermore, We do not knowingly record information of children under the age of 13 years in compliance with the COPA Act. This has nothing to do with, and does not mean, that we condone minors under the age of 18 to play on the site.

But that too falls far short of what’s required in Morrison’s eyes. We have online gambling that is completely unregulated as far as I can tell from CSGO Lotto, they don t age verify minus one little check tick when you sign up for an account, which is nowhere near enough age verification, he said. They allow you to put in and take out [skins] basically as you please, and there s no attempt to follow the different gambling regulations that exist, even in terms of percentages of winning and things like that. Cheap CSGO Skins Some jurisdictions don t allow you to increase the odds of winning if you put in more money and here that s quite literally how the website works.

The game came from the recent ESL One Cologne Major

Counter-Strike tournaments are rife with moments of incredible skill as players push themselves to their limits in jaw-dropping performances. Buy CSGO Skins These stupefying moments, combining just the right amount of skill, luck and bravado leave people talking for months. In a unique approach to the competitive scene, Valve has taken recognition one step further, immortalising events in-game through graffiti and signs. As CS continues to develop, these memorials embed the competitive history of the game within each map, offering long-term fans a nod of recognition while advertising key moments for new players to look back to.

The most recent commemorative addition to the game came from the recent ESL One Cologne Major, where Team Liquid s Oleksandr s1mple Kostyliev hit two unscoped AWP shots in a row to beat Swedish powerhouses, Fnatic. Entering the B-bombsite on Cache through heaven, s1mple eliminates one player while falling before flicking to a second kill at absurd range. Here’s the video.

The moment highlights a spectacular tournament for both Liquid and s1mple, carving their path to a first North American major final. Map creator FMPONE was quick to post a design to twitter. The mockup, which shows an angelic counter terrorist descending while the scope falls from his weapon, has since been added to the game.

There have been many phenomenal individual plays in competitive CS, but SK s Marcelo coldzera David holds what could prove to be CS: GO s true standout moment. At a 15-9 scoreline, Team Liquid needed just one round to secure victory over the Brazilians (then Luminosity Gaming) at the 2016 MLG Colombus Major. buy csgoskins With absolutely no margin for error, coldzera led a crucial AWP defence of Mirage s B-bombsite.

I don’t think Inferno should be gone to be honest

I don’t think Inferno should be gone to be honest, says Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo. If I could remove one map it would be Cobblestone and maybe Dust II, but Dust II is a map that everyone knows CS for, so it is pretty difficult to remove it. But Cobblestone is pretty unbalanced right now. Csgo skins for sale Ultimately it s not up to me, so we will be practising Nuke and we hope to make it a good map for us.

Again it was Ninjas in Pyjamas who provided a vastly different opinion on this matter. Team coach and Counter Strike 1 . 6 legend Bj rn “THREAT” Pers gave his thoughts on Inferno s removal.

Nuke is still way better than Inferno, which was the worst map in the map pool, says THREAT. It was the least tactical map and the most random map, because you cannot gain any information and you just have to guess. I didn’t like that aspect at all.

Regardless of the players opinions on the Nuke and Inferno switch, they will have to get used to playing the new version of Nuke. Having a chart that you just cannot play gives a team a serious disadvantage at the pro level. However from the pros that we have spoken to it certainly seems that this may not have been the right time to make the switch. There are still a lot of issues with Nuke, which really need to be sorted out quickly, while the classic Inferno map remains one of the best CS: GO maps of all time. Buy All CSGO Skins What the future holds for these two maps is unclear, but right now it seems that Valve may have acted too hastily on this one.

Could land precise midair shots by counter strafing

Over the last few months Valve have released a steady stream of updates for CS: GO, replacing the audio for every gun and tweaking many other aspects of the game. Behind the scenes they ve also been hard at work fixing some of CS: GO s longstanding bugs and peculiarities. Buy All CSGO Skins By tying the camera to the player model, hitboxes have been improved significantly, leaving no more excuses for those missed headshots at least until the next issue is found. Also gone are bizarre aerial exploits in which a player could land precise midair shots by counter-strafing or weapon swapping, as shown below.

These changes have been long-awaited, and it s great to see a renewed interest from Valve in fine-tuning the game. However , CS: GO is no stranger to bugs, and plenty have haunted it for a long time. Collected below are some of the strangest ones that you can still find in the game today.

The inclusion of bouncing projectiles in hitscan shooters is always going to cause trouble, but grenades still provide more than their fair share. Clip a teammate when throwing any grenade, and you ll find it no longer collides with doors. Used on Cache h A-bombsite, defenders can be caught by an unexpected flashbang.

Line up the angle just right and the grenade will skim your teammate without slowing, allowing you to set up useful smokes and Molotovs from a position of relative safety.

Highlighted as far back as 2013, Valve don t seem in any rush to release a fix. Buy Cheap CSGO Skins Fortunately doors are far from common in competitive maps, reducing this bug s impact.

the UWP strings it’s attached to

We loved Forza Horizon 3, but not the UWP strings it’s attached to.

Microsoft’s latest courtship of PC gaming continues to be a mixture of good and bad. csgo4skin We loved Forza Horizon 3, liked Gears 4, and found Halo 5: Forge to be surprisingly great. But on the operating system side, things weren’t all blue skies and green fields for PC gamers in 2016.

In March, Microsoft asserted its plan to bring its biggest games to Windows through its Universal Windows Platform, a set of standards and restrictions meant to, in Microsoft’s eyes, make it easier to publish applications across multiple Windows devices, improve security, and help developers write code under a more unified platform. Those modest benefits are outweighed massively by the danger of Windows becoming more of a closed platform.

Among game companies, Epic Games CEO and co-founder Tim Sweeney was the most outspoken critic of UWP. In March, Sweeney labeled the initiative “a closed, Microsoft-controlled distribution and commerce monopoly, ” and called for others in the industry to oppose it. CSGO Skins Sweeney didn’t miss the opportunity to level more harsh words later in 2016. “Slowly, over the next five years, they will force-patch Windows 10 to make Steam progressively worse and more broken, ” he warned in July.